Happy Birthday, Baby Sistu

Ok, I cannot even blog on time to celebrate my beloved baby sistu’s birthday!  HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY, BEST BABY SISTER IN THE WORLD!!!

How cute is she?

This is how I see it:

Hi, my name is Claudia.  I am going to grow up and be a straight A student!

(Robin) Whatever.  Are we done yet?  Where’s the beer?

Happy Birthday, Robin.  I love you more than anything in the world!!!

XOXO Big Sistu

Cap and Gown

I picked up my cap and gown at Concordia University this afternoon at Grad Fest.  Yup!!!  After 37 years, I am finally preparing to graduate from college!  I am so excited I could spit!  🙂

It might have been the first time I began to have an inkling of what I have accomplished by completing my degree at the age of 55.  I stood in line to receive my cap and gown with maybe 40 students, most of whom looked like they were 18 years old (although realistically, they were probably 21 and 22 years old).  But I stood there looking at them, listening to them chatter, and I realized, “I’ve done what you’ve done … but I did it while raising four sons, working, participating in my sons’ school events, battling to keep my house out of foreclosure, (losing that battle), moving, …”  The list goes on.  We all have those lists.  And I am not saying that life is easy for these other graduates. They have their lists, too.

But I did it.  Or will be doing it on May 5th.  Against all odds, I will have earned a college degree!!!!   WHOO HOO!!!

Watch out!  I might start spitting at any moment!


I was at Costco once, and when the guy was checking my membership card, I said, “Hey, how’s it going?”  His reply?  “A.D.I.P.”  I’m like, huh????  Another day in paradise!  I loved it!!

So here I am:  another day in paradise!  Grades were posted in my class, and I got a B+.  If I could make a capital letter a capital, this “B” would be a foot tall.  I don’t get Bs.  My whole ENTIRE day was ruined.  Seriously.

But it got better.  I checked my calendar and our corporate tax filing is due next week.  Terrific.  I have nothing else to do anyway!!!

And better … my boss texted me, livid, because our work e-mail was down.  Again.  Never mind that he is out of the state, and I cannot try to fix it for him.  Never mind that support calls to our e-mail provider mean I’m gonna be on hold for an hour.  Never mind when I finally got to speak to someone that their solution was for me to tell the hotel where my boss was staying to reset their router and unblock the firewall …

And better still … my bathtub ran over (while I was trying to uninstall and reinstall Adobe on my computer), with water pouring out of the ceiling downstairs!!!!

But, hey!!  The night (I mean morning) is young!!!  And I’ve still got 15 days left to finish my Capstone.  Good grief!!!!

To thine own self be true

Hi, everyone!  Well, I’ve decided to start writing about the crazy life I live!  My first posting is called “To Thine Own Self Be True” because a) I am working on my Capstone, and it is part of one of my sections; and b) it is fundamental to what has brought me to this place.

Over the last year, I have tried to figure out “what I’m going to be when I grow up” as I approach graduation from college in May.  May 5th, to be exact.  At 1:00 p.m.  But who’s counting?  It’s only been 37 years in the making!!  (Yep, that makes me 55 years old when I graduate.)

Unfortunately, I have no more real (workable) idea of what I want to be than I did 37 years ago!  However, I do have a much better idea of who I want to be.  Although I have spent years gathering credits here and there, completing my paralegal certificate at UCI, finally finishing at Saddleback College in December (did I TELL you I got 98% on my Algebra final????), and now, earning a BA in Business Administration and Leadership at Concordia University Irvine in two months, what I have REALLY learned is who I want to be.